All About Salmon

Salmon's distinctive color, exceptional flavor,and incredible versatility make it one of our favorite varieties of fish.If you're ready to give in to the allure of that rich orangey-red flesh but you're not sure where you should buy it or how to pick it out, let us offer you a helping fin!

This blushing, ocean-dwelling cousin of the trout is available in a huge array of varieties. You can choose from wild or farm-raised, and Pacific or Atlantic salmon. True salmon connoisseurs prefer wild salmon to farm-raised because of its firmer flesh and superior flavor. There will always be fierce debates over whether Pacific or Atlantic salmon is better, but the primary difference between the Pacific and Atlantic varieties is really a matter of lifestyle and biology rather than a matter of flavor: Pacific salmon die soon after spawning, whereas Atlantic salmon can spawn several times in their lives. In most parts of the world, if you see fresh or frozen salmon in the grocery store, it will be Atlantic farm-raised salmon. Farmed salmon accounts for about 70 percent of the worldwide supply of this marvelous orangey-red fish.

The flesh of salmon ranges in color from pale pink to brilliant orangey-red,depending on its species and living environment. It gains its unique color from a pigment called taxanthin, found in the crustaceans and insects that salmon prefer to eat. Within the salmon family, here are several different species, which range in size from three pounds to over 100, and each has a slightly different flavor and texture.

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