Rolls Royce Of The Sea Sampler

$329.99 includes shipping
Price includes next day delivery! BIG is the idea behind this seafood package - our high-end sampler of the best! 1.5-1.75 lb. Lobster Tail (Huuuuge!)- 2 lbs of Alaska King crab- 1 lb jumbo white prawns- 4 of our handmade crab cakes- 1 jar of our cocktail sauce- 1 jar of our tartar sauce- 1 Pike Place Fish seasoning. Price includes overnight shipping! Note: Additional fee for Saturday delivery and deliveries to HI and AK COOKING INSTRUCTIONS FOR CRAB CAKES: Place frozen or thawed cakes directly in a well oiled, preheated pan. Cook over medium heat until golden brown, about 4 minutes per side, slightly more if frozen. Cook to an internal temperature of 165 for 3 minutes.
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