Cooking Salmon Or Halibut

Don't be a-scared... cooking a great piece of salmon or halibut is pretty straightforward. Here are some methods for you to try.

Basic spices for salmon and halibut: rosemary, lemon, dill, garlic fresh or powder, onion, basil, pesto, salt, pepper, you can use any combination of these spices. Try one of our own World Famous seafood spices.

Broiling or grilling - Remove any charred particles from grill. Wipe grate with lightly oiled towel. Cut fish into pieces of even thickness. Cook until desired doneness. For salmon and halibut approximately 8 min on the front side and 5 minutes on the back.

Baking or roasting - Portion the fish and arrange in a well-oiled or buttered pan. Place pan in preheated oven. Bake at 400* for approximately 15 minutes, basting half way through.

Sautéing - Cut or portion fish. Heat a sauté pan over med heat. Add enough oil or butter to cover the bottom of the pan. Sauté the fish for 7 min on each side or until flaky.

Steaming - Portion fish to appropriate size. Prepare the cooking liquid and bring to a boil. Place fish on steaming rack and cover tightly. Steam the fish for approximately 5 min or until desired doneness.

Poaching - Heat fish stock or seasoned water to 180*-190* degrees and place fish in liquid. Be sure to cover the fish entirely. Poach fish until desired doneness. Do not boil.

Cooking Salmon Or Halibut

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