Ryan Yokoyama

When/where were you born?

May 1985 in Seattle, WA

Where did you grow up?

Bothell, WA

When did you start at Pike Place Fish?

December 2000 and I work every Christmas and summer.

What inspires you?

The chance to do better for myself and others.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Living in Japan for a short time.

What does "World Famous" mean to you?

Creating possibilities for yourself, and everyone you encounter.

Future aspirations?

Finish college, become fluent in Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.

Hobbies or interests?

Movies, music, hanging out with my friends.

Favorite seafood recipe?

I love halibut cheeks any way you cook them. Fish and chips style or just baked are my favorites.

Why should customers come to Pike Place Fish?

To experience how much fun you can have buying fish.

Do you have a favorite moment at Pike Place Fish?

Every time Erik tries to sing.


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