Jacob Jardine

Posted by Michi Broman on

When/where were you born?

1973, Denver, Colorado.

Where did you grow up?

Ballard, WA

When did you start at Pike Place Fish?

June 2009

What inspires you?

My Wife, My Son, Hanging out in Nature, Laughter.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Getting married and starting a family!

What does "World Famous" mean to you?

Being authentic, genuine, and "Real" with every person whom I come into contact with!

Future aspirations?

Write, Travel, World Peace.

Hobbies or interests?

Reading, listening to music, working in the yard, hanging with my family, cooking, traveling, detailing cars, snow shoeing, hanging with my dog.

Favorite seafood recipe?

My wife's seafood chowder!

Why should customers come to Pike Place Fish?

To interact with honest, authentic fish mongers, who will get them what they need and have a little fun doing so.

Do you have a favorite moment at Pike Place Fish?

Catching, bobbling, then catching, a big fat halibut in the middle of our Holiday Rush!  Boo yah!

Jacob Jardine