Taho Kakutani

When/where were you born?

August 17th 1976 in Richmond, IN

Where did you grow up?

Richmond, IN

When did you start at Pike Place Fish?

April 2005

What inspires you?

Generosity of people and their capacity to give and make a difference

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Being the best dad that I can be to my three awesome and inspiring kids.

What does "World Famous" mean to you?

Living a life that makes a difference

Future aspirations?

Slow down, raise my kids right, travel with my family, live a healthy, meaningful, creative life

Hobbies or interests?

Learning new things

Favorite seafood recipe?

King salmon : seared, then finished in the oven with diakon oroshi and white rice

Why should customers come to Pike Place Fish?

Great people, energy, and seafood

Do you have a favorite moment at Pike Place Fish?

The day Dicky told me I had the opportunity to come work for Pike Place Fish. But not really. It seems like something extraordinary can happen at any moment. You just have to be open, willing, and intentional for it to occur.


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