How we Became World Famous

How we Became World Famous

The first step for us at Pike Place Fish was to decide who we wanted to be. In the words of John Yokoyama: "In one of our early Pike Place Fish meetings with Jim (our coach from bizFutures), we began an inquiry into "Who do we want to be? We wanted to create a new future for ourselves. One of the young kids working for me said, "Hey! Let's be World Famous!" At first I thought, "World Famous...what a stupid thing to say!" But the more we talked about it, the more we all got excited about being World Famous. So we committed to it. We added "World Famous" to our logo and had it printed on our shipping boxes.

What does it mean to be "World Famous"?

Then, after a while, we asked ourselves, "What does this mean - being world famous?" And we created our own definition. For us it means going beyond just providing outstanding service to people. It means really being present with people and relating to them as human beings. You know, stepping outside the usual "we're in business and you're a customer" way of relating to people and intentionally being with them right now, in the present moment, person to person. We take all our attention off ourselves to be only with them...looking for ways to serve them. We're out to discover how we can make their day. We've made a commitment to have our customers leave with the experience of having been served. They experience being known and appreciated whether they buy fish or not. And it's not good enough just to want that - it takes an unrelenting commitment. We've made it our job to make sure that experience happens for every customer." To us, being ‘World Famous' is a way of being. You can't manualize it. It gets created by each one of us, newly every time. It comes out differently for different people. It also depends on who the customer they react. It's about taking care of people. We're always on the lookout for how we can make a difference in people's lives.

How do we become world famous?

Originally we wondered, ‘How are we going to become world famous? We don't have any money to advertise!' Jim told us we didn't have to know how to become world famous. He told us that when you're generating a powerful vision, the future just unfolds. He told us not to believe in it. We just had to be it. He pointed out that there's a big difference between a belief about something and the actual thing itself. Muhammad Ali didn't say, ‘I believe I am the greatest.' He said, ‘I am the greatest.' He was declaring himself. It's the difference between believing in the idea of being great, versus being your commitment to being great right now. Jim said, ‘Your commitment to being world famous will naturally give you what to do.' So, as individuals, each of us choose to aligned ourselves with the commitment and declared, ‘I Am World Famous Pike Place Fish.' Jim was right. Once we declared our commitment, things really started happening.

Just Be It

People want to copy us - to do what we're doing. We keep telling them, ‘Your success isn't in doing what we do; it's in discovering your own way. Don't do what we do - we made it all what inspires you...make it up! You just have to be (yourself...what inspires you). And it means commit yourself to who you say you are: act like it, think like it, look like it, feel like it, speak it! You will create your own way by just being yourself, doing what inspires you. The secret to our secret lies in our commitment to being who we say we are.

JUST BE IT. Your challenge is to ‘just be' who you want to be...for free...just because you said so.