Flying Fish Presentations

Flying Fish Presentations

Founded in 1983, bizFutures specializes in cultural transformation and self-generative learning for organizations of all kinds. At the very heart of their relationship with their clients is a profound mutual commitment to integrity and to demonstrating to the world what's possible:

  • EMPOWERMENT - The astounding creativity, productivity and profitability that erupts when leaders are willing to be wholly committed to empowering their employees.
  • VISION TO REALITY - Any group of people... anybody... can create a powerful vision and have it happen.
  • MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD - making a profound and lasting difference in the quality of life in the world is the true purpose of being in business.

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Flying Fish Presentations

"Hailed as the most successful corporate motivators on the planet is a group that deals exclusively with fish!"

Gemma Hooley,
National Public Radio

Experience an inspiring and highly motivating keynote presentation featuring the World Famous Fishmongers from Pike Place Fish Market, John Yokoyama, owner, and a coach/consultant from bizFutures.


We invite you to come to Seattle and participate with us and the folks from bizFutures in a two-day seminar called World Famous 101: Principles for Creating a Vital Workplace.



What bizFutures Means to Us

Back in 1986 the owner, John Yokoyama, hired a business consultant from bizFutures Consulting to work with us for three months on improving our team. Twenty years later he's still working with us. What he brought was an unusual kind of education that has empowered us to envision an amazing future and have it happen. It's called bizFutures' Technology of Being.TM

Early on our bizFutures coach encouraged us to commit ourselves to becoming "world famous" and we have accomplished this - not by spending any money on advertising (we've never spent a dime), but by being truly great with people. We interact with people with a strong intention to make a difference for them. We want to give each person the experience of having been served and appreciated, whether they buy fish or not. We love them.

At the World Famous Pike Place Fish Market, we know that it's possible for each of us as human beings to impact the way other people experience life. Through our work, we're out to improve the quality of life for everyone. We are working inside the possibility of world peace and prosperity for all people. This is our commitment -that's who we are - it's what we do.

bizFutures has coached us in how to communicate effectively and how to operate from a powerful vision and a unique set of generating principles. Out of this our company culture has become a model for other organizations. Pike Place Fish is now used as a case study in business schools and universities. There are at least four books that have been published about Pike Place Fish, one an international best-seller. We are the subject of the best selling training videos and DVDs in the world. Our vision is to see companies all over the world make it their business to improve the quality of life for people everywhere as well as for our planet, and we want to make this way of operating available to as many organizations as possible.